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Outdoor Activities Club

Outdoor Activities Club




Mr Peter Kok :

Teachers-in-Charge (OIC)

Mr Ng Theng Hian:

Mrs Erin Ong :

Mdm Suhaila :

Mdm Juliana Poh :


 ODAC (OutDoor Activities Club) was set up to promote awareness and appreciation of the outdoors. Our focus is in 3 main areas: outdoor education, environmental education, and the spirit of adventure.
     ODAC has organized overnight camps in school as well as public parks in our outdoor programmes.  Nature walks and treasure hunts in Tampines Eco Green, Pasir Ris Park and Bukit Timah Nature Reserve have been conducted as part of values-in-action education and development of a sense of belonging to our environment .
     These outdoor activities aim to increase the pupils’ knowledge and awareness about the outdoor world and develop their skills to address challenges in a changing environment. We encourage pupils to develop attitudes to make informed decisions and take responsible action in the face of these challenges.
    Our focus is to use outdoor experience to foster the whole child’s willingness to try out new things and take calculated risks to appreciate the world around them.

Accolades & Completed Events


National Primary Schools Sports Climbing Championships 2017

The ODAC members participated in the National Primary Schools Sport Climbing Championships on 21-28 March 2017. This year, 3 teams were sent for the competition. Some students from other CCAs who have rock climbing experience have also joined in. All the students who participated in the competition have demonstrated perseverance and good sportsmanship.

Junior girls

  • Chloe Cho Yut Yan
  • Rochelle Teh Xin Yue
  • Chow Yu Fei Faith
  • Katherine Yeo Zi Ling
Junior boys

  • Chow Yu Xiang John
  • Branden Lee Yi
  • Idrys Chng Jun Liang
  • Dexter Lim Jin Yi
  • Caleb Chia Jin Shyun
Senior Boys

  • Joshua Woo
  • Lim Yong Da
  • Ernest Lim En Kai
  • Chung Shuang Ying
  • Bridon Ng Rihao
  • Yau Le Qi

Congratulations to the following winners!

Individual Winners

Joshua Woo (6D)  –  4th   for bouldering, 4th    for top rope,  4th   for speed climb

Chung Shuang Ying (6D)  –  3rd  for speed climb, 6th   for bouldering

Chloe Cho –  9th   for speed climbing

Team Winners

Senior Boys Team – 3rd overall

ODACmay-4 ODACmay-5

National Primary Schools Sports Climbing Championships 2016

Top Rope Challenge

Junior Girls Category: Chloe Cho (4C) – 12th

Senior Boys Category: Joshua Woo (5D) – 13th

Boulder Challenge

Senior Boys Category: Joshua Woo (5D) – 9th

Junior Girls Category: Chloe Cho (4C) – 15th

Speed Climbing

Senior Boys Category: Joshua Woo (5D) – 7th

Senior Boys Category: Chung Shuang Ying (5D) – 8th

Completed Events 

March 2017 – Participation in National Primary Schools Sport Climbing Championships 2017

March 2016 – Participation in National Primary Schools Sport Climbing Championships 2016

March 2016 – Participation in Environmental Camp during March holidays with Scouts and Environment Champions

April 2016 – Participation in S.E.A. Aquarium Learning Journey with Environment Champions

May 2016 – Participation in X-Calade Xinmin Boulder Carnival 2016


ODAC teachers demonstrating how to belay at the school’s rockwall.
Students practising sport climbing techniques at the rockwall.

Students abseiling down from the rockwall after reaching the top.

ODAC members demonstrating values of teamwork and trust through experiential learning.

Learning how to cook outdoors at the environmental camp!

Learning to communicate with one another and work in teams to pitch tents.
Learning journey to S.E.A. Aquarium. Appreciating the wonders of the underwater world!
Unwavering spirit at the National Primary Schools Sport Climbing Championships!
Goh Kenji received his 2nd Runner Up, “Bouldering” event, NPSSCC (Nationals) 2015 from Ms Chua Meili, Vice Principal.
Goh Kenji, 2nd Runner Up, “Bouldering” event, NPSSCC (Nationals) 2015
Senior Girls receiving their Team Award medals from Mr Lawrence Chong, then Principal, and Mr Alvin Goh, Advisor of ODAC.
Senior Girls, Team Award for both “Top Rope” and “Bouldering” events in NPSSCC (Nationals) 2014
Boys Team, at NPSSCC (Nationals) 2014
Girls Team, at NPSSCC (Nationals 2014) with Coaches from The Rock School
Access the ODAC Blog for more pictures :
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