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Chinese Opera

Chinese Opera

Teachers-in-charge (OIC)

Ms Liau Mei Ling:

Training Schedule

Friday – 8:35am to 10:35am (Blk E Level 6 Music Room)


自2010年起,培青学校的特选旗舰课程之一的戏曲课, 便开始让一年级和二年级的学生开始接触华族传统文化。同时,学校也让有兴趣的孩子参加了戏曲的课外活动,而学生们都有机会参与演出。




In year 2010, the school’s SAP flagship programme started the Chinese Opera enrichment lessons so as to introduce to the P1 and P2 pupils the traditional Chinese culture. At the same time, the Chinese Opera CCA was established for pupils who are interested to pursue their interest.

In recent years, our team has performed many shows including “Ne Zha”,“Legend of Tao”,”Mouse’s Daughter’s marriage”, “Ci Liang Ji”, “Pan Si Dong”, “Ye Ying”, “Nao Hua Deng”, “Da Zhu Cao”, “Nü Fu Ma”, “Ban Huang Di” and so on. Our pupils had the opportunity to perform for the public at the Singapore Victoria Theatre. They were also invited to represent Singapore to perform at the 3rd Yakumo International Cultural Exchange in Osaka. Our pupils had also performed at Singapore’s Futsing Association, Cathay Theatre, the National Library, the National Museum, Mediacorp and many more. Moreover, they were given a chance to perform overseas, such as Japan, Moscow and China. Being able to participate in the Chingay Parade, as well as experienced the filming of part of a movie, had also helped to build our pupils’ performing experience and boost their confidence.

Chinese Opera is a combination of singing, acting, reciting and fighting. To be able to master the art form is not an easy feat. However, the pupils gave their all in every practice and performance. It is heartening to see the pupils’ active participation and passion in Chinese Opera. The coaches’ patient guidance, with the parents’ and school’s support, cooperation and encouragement, are all part of what made this CCA a success. It is a great opportunity for the pupils as well as the teachers to have a deeper understanding of the Opera culture and to contribute in promoting this culture. We are glad to be a part of Poi Ching’s Chinese Opera journey.

As we continue to bring Chinese Opera to greater heights, we are committed to practice, perform regularly and promote Chinese Opera in the school.




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                       Chinese Opera Performance                           
Date Venue
28/03/2014 Punggol Green Primary School
09/05/2014 Singapore Futsing Association(母亲节)
09/07/2014  Vivo City (新中书法开幕典礼)
22/08/2014 Orchard Hotel
29/08/2014  Poi Ching School (中秋节)
30/08/2014  30 Kreta Ayer Road,Singapore(第二届狮城青少年戏曲汇演)
23/02/2015  Poi Ching School (Chinese New Year celebration)
30/07/2015  Visit Chinese Opera Institute (Open House)
03/08/2015  Vivo City (新中书法开幕典礼)
28/08/2015  30 Kreta Ayer Road,Singapore(第三届狮城青少年戏曲汇演)
10/02/2016  Poi Ching School Hall(Chinese New Year Performance)
02/04/2016  Xinmin Secondary School(辉煌华艺耀新民表演)
06/05/2016  Futsing Association( Mother’s Day Performance at Futsing)
02/06/2016  Hong Wen School(“2016年新加坡品德教育讲座”)
26/08/2016  Kreta Ayer People’s Theatre(Singapore Youth Opera Showcase 2016)
03/02/2017  River Hongbao 2017
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