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Chinese Orchestra

Chinese Orchestra

Teachers-in-charge (OIC)

Mrs Chin-Toh Chiew Hoon:

Mdm Leow Ling Ling:

Mr Alvin Ng:

Miss Woo Ying Teng :

Training Schedule

Thursdays – 2pm to 5pm for sectional practices (3pm-5pm for pupils with supplementary and remedial classes)

Mondays – 2pm to 5pm for combined practice

From Term 3 onwards, Primary 2 schedule will be Thursday – 2pm to 4pm


Poi Ching School Chinese Orchestra (PCSCO) is a platform for students who have passion and interest in Chinese instruments to showcase their talents.

PCSCO will continue to cultivate the love for Chinese instruments in our members and allow our students to gain experiences and exposure by encouraging participation in performances within and outside school. Modesty, integrity, loyalty and excellence are the core values for all to practise during CCA and in their daily lives. These are encouraged in the group and passed on from the student leaders to the members.

This year, we will be taking a breather and prepare for the exciting upcoming events in 2018.


2016 – Singapore Youth Festival ( Certificate of Achievement = Gold )

2014 – Singapore Youth Festival ( Certificate of Accomplishment = Silver )

2012- Singapore Youth Festival ( Bronze )

2010 – Singapore Youth Festival ( Silver )


2017- cny celebration 2017- cny celebration1

2017- cny celebration3 2017- cny celebration2

2017 Chinese New Year Performance

 2016 Singapore Youth Festival Participants

2016 Singapore Youth Festival Rehearsal

After 2016 Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation (with our supportive parents)



2016 School Performance (Pluck strings and cello / bass sections)

2016 School Performance (Huqin and percussion sections)

2016 School Performance (Wind pipes and Yangqin sections)

2015 Chinese New Year Rehearsal @ Poi Ching School 

2014 One People One Music @ Sports Hub 
2014 Singapore Youth Festival Rehearsal @ Singapore Conference Hall 
2014 Chinese New Year Celebration @ Futsing Association
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