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Brass Band

Brass Band


Mr Eugene Chin – OIC :
Mrs Wong Ho Chong – Member :
Ms Khoo Wee Wee – Member :
Ms Toh Wei Ting – Member :
Mdm Julianna Pushpam – Advisor :
Mr Matthew Teo Hock Chye – Associate Member :

Training Schedule

Venue : Band Room at Level 7

Mondays – 2.05 pm to 5.05 pm

Thursdays –  2.05 pm to 5.05 pm


We have been officially known as a Brass Band since January 2015. With the change, we were judged under the Brass Band category for SYF 2016. Our 65-members strong band practices every Monday and Thursday under the baton of Mr Winston Aw, Mr Lee and Mr Ng with the help of several faithful band alumni members.

Other than preparing ourselves for the biyearly SYF, the band plays for school functions and events held around the estate of Tampines as well as at other external functions. This gives ample opportunities for the band members to enjoy themselves making music for others. As the year progresses, there will be more public performances and an end-of-year band camp. This band camp is a much-awaited annual event. The members get to stay over in school, practicing and playing together. They are also motivated by the presence of many alumni members who make their annual pilgrimage back to their old school.

Besides allowing our members to experience the joy of learning and playing music, the teachers-in-charge of the band as well as our dedicated instructors prioritize character development in our children. We pick out teachable moments during our practices to emphasise our school core values of Modesty, Integrity, Loyalty and Excellence.

As we continue to grow in strength and spirit, we look forward to more good years of music appreciation and performance.


SYF 2014 – Certificate of Accomplishment (new award system)
SYF 2016 – Certificate of Accomplishment (new award system)

Upcoming Events

Performance at Tampines Hub – 1st April 2017

Band Committee 2017

We are pleased to announce that the following members are onboard to serve as model band students in all aspects of performance and attitude. Student leadership is the most vital part of a successful band program. Bear in mind that, all Band members are LEADERS in making good choices within their lives, throughout the school day as well as in our community.

Band Major Tabitha Sarah Lee
Assistant Band Major Lyon Lee Wen Xuan
Assistant Band Major Hilary Chan Seok Teng
Quartermaster Vanessa Tan
Assistant Quartermaster Lim Zhe Xian
Librarian Bianca Chong Yunxi
Assistant Librarian Tan Le Tong Eunice
Section Leader——Trumpet Angel Lim En Qi
Section Leader——Euphonium Sarah Neo Yu Qian
Section Leader——Trombone Hayley Yew Hui Qi
Section Leader——Tuba Ryan Sho Zi Bin
Section Leader——Percussion Gouk Xin Tong Chloe
Section Leader——Horn Vanessa Tan

Attendance at Band

Please be informed that attendance for all scheduled practices/performances is required. This is a fundamental and integral part of your child’s membership in Band. Band performances are a public demonstration of what has been learned in Band. Because the Band is more than just a collection of individual performers, it is necessary that we rehearse and perform as a unified group. Problems with individual attendance at performances seriously limits our ability to be consistent and strive for excellence.

In the case of student absence, early pickup or late arrival, a Parent or Guardian must notify the Band OIC ( in advance or submit a letter within two weeks.

More information on attendance could be found on the following website:


All photos and videos could be found on the following website:

Arts Fiesta 2017 at Tampines Hub

On 1st April 2017, OUR TAMPINES HUB, PAssionARTSC@Tampines and Pasir Ris Secondary School organised the Arts Fiesta 2017 at Tampines Hub. The Arts Fiesta 2017 is a vital platform to showcase our youths’ talent and skills, a celebration of arts vibrancy in the Tampines Town, featuring the talents within schools in our community. The Minister for the Environment and Water Resources, Mr Masagos Zulkifli Bin Masagos Mohamad was the Guest of Honour for this event.

Our Poi Ching School Brass Band had the honour to perform at the Festive Plaza on that day. Under the steadfast guidance of our band conductor Mr Aw, our band serenaded the audiences with well-known tunes like “Beauty and The Beast” and “Singapore Town”. The audiences enjoyed the performance very much. Many of our Poi Ching students, parents and staff have attended this event in support of our band performance. After our performance, the band members took a group photo together with our Principal, Mr Andrew Mah and the Minister for the Environment and Water Resources, Mr Masagos.

Besides the stage performances presented by our band and other schools, there were also participatory arts booths set up by the students, Parents Support Groups as well as Tampines GRC Community Arts and Culture Clubs for residents.

In conclusion, our band members have benefitted from the exposure of performing in an external venue and they really enjoyed this wonderful and fulfilling experience altogether.


Our Principal, Mr Andrew Mah exchanged greetings with The Minister for the Environment and Water Resources, Mr Masagos Zulkifli Bin Masagos Mohamad.


Our band members all geared up and ready to perform on stage at the Festive Plaza.


Under the steadfast guidance of our band conductor Mr Aw, our band members performed“Beauty and The Beast”.


A group picture to commemorate the Art Fiesta 2017@Tampines Hub on 1st April 2017.


Our dear band members donning on their best informal pose……….


And another best informal pose……….


A final splendid picture to sum up the jubilant climax of the Arts Fiesta 2017@Tampines Hub.

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School Based Workshop 2015

Singapore Youth Festival 2014

Merlion Park Performance 2014
Tampines Changkat CC National Day Performance
Navy Open House
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