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Teach pupils scientific concepts to help them understand themselves and the world.


Provide pupils with the opportunities to develop skills, habits of mind and attitudes for scientific inquiry.

Team Members

HOD – Mrs Wong-Ng Libing
Level Head – Mdm Dzaariny Bte Koloos
  • Ms Woo Wei Fen
  • Mdm Tan Lee Hua
  • Ms Pauline Heng
  • Mdm Ra’idah Rahmat
  • Mdm Marwati Kamarudin
  • Ms Siti Nur Aisyah Daud
  • Mdm Fazila Banu Dhadha Hussain
  • Mdm Noor Raihan Mohamed Rashid
  • Mdm Suhaila Abdullah


Our department aims to provide students with experiences which build on their interest and stimulate their curiosity about their environment. We seek to nurture the student as an inquirer while the teacher acts as a facilitator in the process, generating enriching classroom discussions. This would then help pupils appreciate how Science influences people and the environment around us.

Key Programme

Making meaning out of textbook content
Science experiential lessons
Observing the parts of a mushroom up close
Forces Activity – How does the steepness of a ramp affects the distance travelled by a toy car?
P5 Science Lessons on Cells using Lego
 Primary 3 Jam-Making session 2016 – Small containers of jam were brought home for mothers in lieu of Mother’s Day!
Science Olympiad Lesson 2016
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