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National Education & Social Studies

National Education & Social Studies


A united and harmonious Singapore


To nurture open-mindedness and belonging


• National cohesion
• Instincts for survival
• Confidence in our future

National Education / Social Studies

One of the three main pillars to support our NE goals.
Stakeholders to help our pupils achieve the NE goals.
Learning Journey for Staff
Staff NE Quiz – individual, group, online
Training – during commemoration, attending relevant courses, Staff LJ
The SAP nature of PCS makes it necessary and pertinent to engage partners so that our staff and pupils have the opportunities to interact with races other than Chinese.
Physical Structures
Open concept Heritage Gallery and NE Corridor – 2 lessons per level scheduled per year
Level 2 dedicated to NE messages, culture, customs, history, tradition, our present, our future to create an environment rich in NE resources for our staff and pupils.


1. Commemoration of 4 core NE events:
  • Total Defence (2015)

Think before you share – a resource containing tips on be a responsible digital citizen.

Click on the link to

  • International Friendship Day (2014) (2013)

Year 2015



Student Handbook


Instructor’s Lesson Plan

2. Learning Journey: Kampung Glam P3, Little India P4 and Chinatown P6

3. NE Ambassador Training

4. P4 Integrated Project Work (IPW) using Wiki

5. SAF Day 2014 (2014)

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