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Physical Education

Physical Education


Active Lifestyles Through Quality Physical Education


To Develop Our Pupils Towards Total Wellness Through Holistic Physical Education Imbue With Morality and Passion for Sports.


Fit for Work, Fit for Play, Fit for Life


Physical Education (PE) is to be regarded as an integral part of our education system. As such, the department is expected to plan and implement an effective and meaningful PE programme, consistent with our school mission and vision objectives:-
  1. To develop students’ physical well-being by equipping them with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to pursue and enjoy a physically active and healthy lifestyle.
  2. To develop students intellectually, socially and emotionally through physical activities.

Department Members:

Mr Alvin Goh (HOD)
Ms Nur Fatiha Eryani (SPE)
Mr Victor Ho
Ms Qian Yan
Mr Ng Theng Hian
Mr Khairul Annuar Ibrahim Alsagoff

Key Programs/Focus:

CCA during Curriculum time
In order to achieve CCA excellence as well as to ensure mass participation, CCA is conducted during curriculum time for all students on Friday morning. The department aims to achieve at least 90% attendance and participation rate.
As part of the school flagship program, SAP program is rolled out to the lower primary (Pri 1 and 2) students. The program aims to expose the lower primary students to different types of CCA related to Chinese Culture.
The Healthy Meal Set.
The school decided to feature the Healthy Meal Set in school canteen for students is based on Health Promotion Board’s (HPB) ‘My Healthy Plate’.  My Healthy Plate is a friendly visual tool designed for Singaporeans by HPB. It is developed with the latest science-based recommendations on healthy eating habits and aims to provide an easy-to-understand visual representation of a balanced and healthy diet.
The school hopes that by encouraging students to eat healthily, they will in return be empowered the understanding the need to live a healthy lifestyles for life.
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