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PSG Org Chart 2017

Become a Member

All parents / guardians of current Poi Ching School students are welcome to join PSG.  Membership is free.

Parents who are interested in joining the Parent Support Group, please register through the link: Membership Registration Form” . Alternatively, you may download a hard copy form (Hard copy membership registration form), and hand in the completed form to the school general office.

Volunteers Needed

PSG need volunteers for both its routine support and ad hoc activities.

Please email to to express your interest and area of contribution.

Please include your contact details and name of your child/children in Poi Ching School.

Stay Tuned

Share your comments, photos and videos with other parents on PSG Facebook Account:

Photo Gallery

See the elated and enthusiastic faces of the Poi Ching parents and students during PSG and school events:


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